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Swa-Madatichya Watevaruni Chalat Asata Vishvasane

Success stories of user survivors compiled by Meenakshi.
Available In Language – Marathi

On the occasion of 17th anniversary of SAA, success stories of user survivors were narrated by them in person; those are presented in this book. Medication and counselling are common in the path to recovery. Various other activities including talk therapy, arts based therapy, dance movement therapy also help. Success stories emphasize importance of discovering strengths within oneself, recording the activities, importance of ventilation and sharing, learning to ignore unwanted issues and engaging oneself in creative activities etc.

Price: Rs. 80

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra – Rs.30, out of Maharashtra – Rs.50

Manasik Aajaratun Savartana

Author: Prof Anil Vartak.
Available In Languages – Marathi,Hindi,English

“The booklet is based on author’s experiences and learning and is written to help strengthen morale of mentally ill persons. The author has given easy techniques and strategies, one could use in day-to-day living to overcome challenges of mental illness – e.g. – writing diary, accepting illness, keeping occupied, exercising, taking medicines regularly, attending self -help groups, not giving up etc. It is a checklist for those on the road of recovery.

Price: Rs. 30, also available in English & Hindi

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra – Rs.30, out of Maharashtra – Rs.50

Apangatvacha Dakhala

Compiled by Amrit Kumar Bakhshy.
Translation: Kadambari Kulkarni.
Available In Languages- Marathi,English

Mental Illness is one of the disabilities included in the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016. Mentally ill persons can avail of facilities provided by the State and the Central Government for the disabled, only provided they have the disability certificate. The booklet provides the information about this law and about how to get the disability certificate.

Price: Rs. 30, also available in English

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra - Rs.30, out of Maharashtra - Rs.50

Nairashya – Mahiti Pustika

Author Prof Anil Vartak.
Available In Languages - Marathi,English

An informative Marathi booklet on Depression, it crisply enlists difference between depression and sadness, understanding depression symptoms, treatment & recovery and what should be the role of a patient, caregiver and media. The highlight of this booklet is quick handy tool/questionnaire to measure the intensity of depression. This booklet is a help to one and all, in today’s time when depression is on the rise.

Price: Rs. 15, also available in English

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra - Rs.30, out of Maharashtra - Rs.50

Pratibimb Manishache

Poems by the late Manisha Deshpande.
Available In Language - Marathi

Manisha, a service user was attending SAA‘s Rehab Centre since its inception. She was fond of writing poems. The agonies suffered by Manisha and her family are described in her poems. Manisha was expressive, optimistic, and sensitive. She believed that sufferings were inseparable part of life and she must fight the storms with smile, courage and strength. These poems are inspiring for service users and families.

Price: Rs. 30,

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra - Rs.30, out of Maharashtra - Rs.50

Resource For Caregivers

Author Prof Anil Vartak.
Available In Languages - Marathi,English

Harmony in one’s thoughts, emotions and behavior is said to be the crucial factor for one’s sound mental health. Any conflict among them may lead to mental illness. For an individual 16 to 25 years of age is a period of adult development.

Symptoms of mental illness are most likely to manifest among persons in this age group. Out of the total population 1% to 2% are afflicted by major mental illnesses and 5% to 6% by minor mental disorders.

Tried & Tested

Author Prof Anil Vartak.
Available In Language - Marathi

The scenario of the mental illness in india is dominated by stigma,ignorance and superstition . Add to it , the huge geographical expanse of the country , the staggeringly large population and dismally small number of trained personnel. Yet we are putting up a brave fight ,that too fairly successfully ,by consistently,trying to expand the treatment & training facilities and most importantly by sperading awarness about mental health and disorders amongst the lailty.

Price: Rs. 30,

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