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Bin Ghadichya Dav

Author Late Dr. Jagannath Wani.
Available In Language – English

Bin Ghadichya Dav is based on the true story of a prominent activist from the field of mental health, Late Dr. Jagannath Wani. The book is a window to how a family care giver goes through different challenges posed by the mental illness of a family member. The author  effectively pens down the harsh reality of the private incidences which one would rather keep to oneself rather than write as an exemplar to readers. The book is a channel to spread awareness about mental illnesses and acquaints readers with medical, emotional and practical issues which arise during managing a mentally ill person, This book is a motivation to care givers to pursue their dreams in spite of having a mentally ill person in the family, because caring for them is not the end of you. The book is recommended to all mental health professionals, novices in the field of psychology and most importantly caregivers.

Price:   English- Rs. 250/-   |    Marathi- Rs. 250/-

Discounted Price: Rs. 100/-

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra – Rs.80, out of Maharashtra – Rs.120  

Manasik Aajar- Palakansathi Margadarshika

Author – Amrit Kumar Bakhshy
Translation: Kalyani Gadgil
Availabe In Language – Marathi
This is a perfect guide for caregivers of mentally ill person. Mr. Amrit Bakhshy has come forward to share his Knowledge and experience with other caregivers of mentally ill through this book. It is based on his experience as a caregiver of his daughter. Mr. Bakhshy has collected useful information from various sources and put it in a book form for guiding the caregivers.   The first part, titled “Orientation”, covers basic information to help the caregiver understand the basic facts involving the care of a family member affected with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses. The second part, “Theories, Therapies and Treatments” provides guidance on various issues that arise in the process of caregiving. The third part, “Empowerment” is a compendium of important legal issues involving rights of the patients, mental health acts, nominating representatives, and so on.   The fourth part “Annexures” is not essentials for direct guidance, but it provides important references for caregivers who wants to know more.  


Price:   English- Rs. 250/-

Discounted Price: Rs. 100/-

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra – Rs.80, out of Maharashtra – Rs.120  


Aata Ujadel

Author Ms. Neelima Bapat.
Available In Language- Marathi

This is the story of a family, consisting of parents, an educated son and his wife. Son develops Bipolar Disorder. The writer has woven useful information about the illness while narrating the story. On one pole there is depression and on the other there is mania. The patient not only requires medication but also counselling. The illness not only affects the individual but the whole family; hence family therapy is necessary. The author highlights the importance of recovery method and family support.

Price: Rs. 100,

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra – Rs.80, out of Maharashtra – Rs.120


My Dear Ones

Authors: Neil and Margaret Rau.
Translation:  Kamalini Phadke.
Available In Language – Marathi

It is a biography of Dr. Abraham A Low, the Founder of Recovery Inc., Chicago, U.S.A.; written by his two daughters, posthumously. He did pioneering work with mentally ill persons at the Psychiatric Institute of the University of Illinois. His ‘Recovery Method’ is practiced for good mental and emotional health of mentally ill persons.

Price: Rs.100

Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra – Rs.80, out of Maharashtra – Rs.120

Mental Illness & Caregiving

Authors: Amrit Kumar Bakhshy.
Available In Language – English

The book provides guidance to those, who need to help their family members with mental illness but are groping in the dark. It is based on the authors’ own experience as a caregiver and the information and the knowledge he has gained as a mental health activist The book has 4 parts. The First Part contains information on how to take care of a family member with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses; dos and don’ts and practical tips for day-to-day care. The Second Part provides information compiled from various sources about the types of mental illnesses, treatments, and supportive therapies, and guidance on related issues chewed and digested to make it an easy read for family caregivers. The Third Part is a compendium of information for family caregivers as a handy material to help in their queries, misgivings, anxieties, and worries which should provide them some relief. The Fourth Part has appendices containing information about the mental health institutions, stakeholders, literature on mental health, explaining terms, phrases, and abbreviations
Price: Rs.380
Postage and handling charges-in Maharashtra – Rs.80, out of Maharashtra – Rs.120

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